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Office Tour

We have moved to a new, more modern facility!




Your first view of the office will be a welcoming, colorful and airy reception area, where a friendly and professional receptionist will help you sign in and answer any questions you may have concerning your appointment.


Waiting room

In the comfortable seats of the waiting room you can watch TV on a big, flat screen as you wait to be called in.



Treatment room

Here's where the technical innovations really count. The comfortable reclining chair has all the latest dental implements. A TV monitor in front of you allows the dentist to show demos and explain treatment with images and videos or show you your digital x-rays from his computer. If you must wait for brief periods, you can watch TV.


Sterilization Center

The latest sterilization equipment meets the highest standards in sterilization, ensuring that all dental implements are safely germ-free when they are used.


Digital Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) 3D X-Ray

CBCT is an advanced imaging modality that has high clinical applications in the field of dentistry. CBCT proved to be a successful imaging technique. Radiation exposure dose from CBCT is 10 times less than from conventional CT scans during maxillofacial exposure while being highly accurate and can provide a three-dimensional volumetric data for diagnostic, implant planning, and root canal treatments.


Digital Impressions

Digital Impressions (also known as 3-D intraoral scanning) are the latest technology in capturing a replica of the mouth. By using a wand-like tool connected to a computer and advanced software, a dentist can create a virtual model of the mouth. These replicas are more accurate than a mold, more comfortable, and can be used for a variety of needs.